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Remember that you can always respect your creative and artistic freedom while taking in consideration alternative and eco-sustainable choices!

Activate initiatives to communicate the good practices adopted to make your artistic production sustainable, in order to increase your colleagues’ and the public’s sensitivity towards issues related to environmental sustainability.

Invent a sustainable creative production thinking about: materials, equipment, transportation, space, others.

  • Do you know that legislators are promoting regulations for the right to reparability of products ? Do you know how easily you could give new life to your devices by using an app ? Read more on
  • Are you making conscious and sustainable choices about all materials you could use in your work ? Prefer wood instead of plastic !
  • Furthermore, you probably know that creating a strong connected community sustaining local sources and networks allows reallocating richness in the world population, facing the raising power of the multinationals and fighting the collapse of small producers. Also, buying zero-miles products affects the environmental impact regarding the transport sector.
  • Do you know that a digital platform is born that enhances local resources of italian wood ? Read more on
  • Independent music industry and sustainability. First carbon calculator in music production sector launched by Impala and Julie’s Bicycle. Read more on and on
  • Do you want to know more about led lights ? Here you can find the Pros&Cons ! Make your responsable choice !

Everybody knows the importance of the water for the planet.
But what do you really know about it ? And what are your habits?

  • Do you pay real attention not to waste it in your daily life ?
  • Do you close the sink while you are brushing your teeth ?
  • Do you make choices with a real awareness ?
  • Read more about water at this link !