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I want to increase my online presence

How to get yourself and your work out there! This eBook is a digital tool for the communication of an artistic or cultural project, to promote the artistic project, to be visible on social media in a creative way. The aim is to facilitate the use of digital tools to make artists and artistic projects visible online and to develop a social media strategy.

> For individual artists and professionals responsible for communication in projects or organisations. No previous experience needed. Beginners level.

This tool will help artists and workers from the cultural sector to better use social media. It is important since online communication is changing constantly, and it is sometimes challenging for artists to put themselves out there and keep their projects visible.

Learning goals

Learners will understand…

  • The importance of communication and digital environment
  • How to use marketing in the artistic and cultural sector
  • What is important to know about social media
  • How social media work
  • How to keep their social media profiles/pages updated
  • How to create a professional network online
  • Why, how and when to use ads on social media


Learners will be able to…

  • Introduce themselves online in an attractive and audio-visual way
  • Know the different platforms/social media tools that are most appropriate for them
  • Promote their work online
  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Be autonomous for the future

How to use it

There are four modules available: Basics of Communication, Social Media, Producing Content, Gaining Visibility Online. Run through the boxes or go deeper by downloading the full extended PDF versions (in English or Spanish). You can access the different modules of the eBook in the order you like or need.

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