I want to create something in public space.

Get inspired! Turn your idea into a story in which you are the hero, by learning from three artists.

> For artists & organisations.

Freedom of expression is one of the fundamental aspects of democracy and artistic actions in public space exercise this freedom to different ends. This storybook allows artists to gain insight into the experience of making work in public space, and through instructions embedded within the stories, create their own work.

Learning goals

  • Learn practically about the key considerations of making work in public space: staying safe, accessibility and permissions.
  • Creatively ruminate on how public space is negotiated between artists and audiences.
  • Create your own work in public space!

How to use it

Select one of the stories. As you read, you'll have the opportunity to dive deeper into the challenges presented by clicking on the hyperlinked phrases. The phrases will provide you with instructions on how to practically explore some key considerations.

Designed by

Kaunas Cultural Centre of Various Nations – KITKC

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