I want to improve my ecological footprint

Improve/reduce your environmental footprint.

> A questionnaire to measure the carbon footprint of your artistic activities, and tips and suggestions on how to reduce it. For artists and organisations. No particular level of experience is requested.

Nowadays, there are many tools aimed at measuring the carbon footprint of everyday activities. Nevertheless, even artists who are aware of environmental issues in their everyday lives are not always as attentive when it comes to planning and realising their artistic projects/productions/activities.

Learning goals

  • Gain awareness of the different aspects of artistic projects/productions that have an environmental impact
  • Have a tool that can help artists and cultural organisations to make conscious choices when planning their projects/productions/activities
  • Find ideas and tips on how to reduce your carbon footprint and/or compensate it in creative ways
  • Participate in the further development of the tool by providing own tips and suggestions

How to use it

The test lasts about 20-30 minutes and you can stop and resume it at any time by accessing your personal space. There are questions on different fields of activity: mobility, transport, energy, water, materials used, waste management, hospitality, food, digital footprint. If you want to have a more precise estimation we suggest to keep your bills at hand. For each group of questions you will also find helpful tips to improve your organisation's habits and reflect on how we can best address the climate crisis.

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