Governance Piracy

I want to experience collective decision-making

A one-hour cooperative adventure to learn from the different existing governance models and to question one's own choices.

> This tool is dedicated to cultural organisations’ teams, no matter the level of experience.

The cultural sector has a need and a willingness to make participatory decision-making more prevalent, but a lack of knowledge, training and dedicated time preclude the implementation of different types of governance. The imbalances caused by the lack of time devoted to governance issues within the organisation can jeopardise their sustainability. Participatory governance experiences could help in raising awareness and implement new models.

Learning goals

  • Kickstart a conversation around governance in the cultural sector within an organisation
  • Experience horizontal governance through a concrete work situation
  • Empower the group through the understanding of other’s position


How to use it

Download and print the Card game, then follow instructions. You can participate as a player or a facilitator.

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