Building a network

Networking is an exchange and not a unidirectional relationship. It means exchanging knowledge and insights, sharing experiences. It is as important to have good relations with people from the same field, as approaching pros. from other fields.

Ads why, how and when to use them ?

Everyday content production will give consistency to your online brand. But in some moments it will be necessary to go beyond, to reach more people…


Is an edited video a good match for your story, event, or acti


Although visuals are becoming more and more popular on social media, text still plays an important role in communication. To spark the audience’s interest in reading it, it’s important to choose a good title using the keywords of the content you’ve written.


Choose a frame, send a essage, define an angle

Sharing Content

Think of topics related to your work and make them into pieces of content. These ideas can be shared over several posts during a week.

What to use when ?

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, WhatsApp, Spotify