Find allies

The time has come to debunk the myth of the lone artist. Professionals in the Arts and Cultural sector seldom work in isolation. To get the work done they interact online and offline with other colleagues and stakeholders in local, regional, national and international networks. The Tool What is it? The stakeholder spidergram helps in… Continue reading Find allies

Combine funding streams

Crowdfunding has received lots of attention as a modern digital format for financing cultural and artistic projects. But don´t be fooled by the mesmerising allure of a handful of success stories. Crowdfunding does not yet replace traditionalfunding sources like sales,grants, donations, loans and so on. The tool What is it? Funding-wise, putting all eggs in… Continue reading Combine funding streams

Create a budget

Have you really considered all your expenses? Where will the money come from? Do the ends meet? These are essential questions if you don´t want to end up joining the long list of victims of bad budgeting decisions. The tool What is it? To put it simply a budget is a forecast of the money… Continue reading Create a budget

Define a timeline

Ok, maybe not now but consider things will get complicated as your project speeds up. Planning and tracking the activities, events, milestones and deadlines is a “must” to turn your ideas into action. Have you ever heard of Gantt Chart? The Tool What is it? The Gantt chart lists all the tasks that need to… Continue reading Define a timeline

Clarify your intentions

Napkins get dirty, even lost, and our head storage capacity is limited. Think of the zillions of similarly brilliant ideas that have somehow ended up in utter oblivion. Why not put all these ideas in paper using a Quintilian Hexameter? The Tool What is it ? The Quintilian Hexameter it is an efficient tool to… Continue reading Clarify your intentions

Keep your feet on the ground

When your head is in the clouds… keep your feet on the ground. To put it other way, let’s make sure we’re not reinventing the wheel. Have a look around to explore inspiring initiatives carried out elsewhere. Lessons learnt from like-minded projects will contribute to shape the contours of your project idea. The Tool What… Continue reading Keep your feet on the ground