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Online presence - User Guide

This eBook is a tool to help you to understand, organize, plan and use the social media to communicate with the people which are interested in your work as an artist or in the activities of the organization you take part.

Remember the internet changes very fastly. Thus, part of the available information here needs to be updated.

You will find here tips, advice, links and examples on how to create and to share content related to cultural and artistic actions. Choose what fits better to your reality/case/situation and adapt it.

What we bring here is not a formula to be followed, but insights to use these tools in the way that is better for you.

You can access the different modules of the eBook in the order you like or need.

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Digital Transition

Get the extended PDF Versions with examples, links, tips & tricks (English):

  • Basics of communication

  • Social Media

  • Producing content

  • Gaining visibility online