The world is changing fast ! In everything we do, we have to take its changes in account. Culture is one of many means to imagine, adopt and transmit the practices that can be compatible with the current and future global landscape, especially regarding:

  • The environment and its pressing issues.
  • The democracy as a general approach that can remain alive inside the professional area.
  • Today’s socio-economical context : globalized, uneven, slippery, that needs a new vision at every scale.
  • The emergence of a digital era that is now so symbiotic with human kind that it is part of society in everyone’s private, professional and artistic life.

The word transition encapsulates the idea of “going across”, a non-linear change , a leap into a new (but not necessarily better) world.

  • Transitions are uncertain, there’s not a roadmap taking us from point A to point B.
  • Transitions are cross-cutting and global. We cannot escape away from them and their impact is felt on a wide range of domains in our personal, social and professional lives.
  • Transitions are complex and political. The way they are perceived, interpreted and shaped involve power struggles and value conflicts among different stakeholders.
  • Transitions require simultaneous action and interaction at the individual, collective, institutional and policy levels.

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