50+ digital tools – User guide

This tool is a simple, easy-to-use, user friendly platform where artists and creators may find the digital tools they need for their activities. In order to take advantage of the opportunities the platform can offer, the user can search by areas such as Video; Design, Photo; Music & Sound; Webdesign; Meeting, Presenting; Content, Stock; Social… Continue reading 50+ digital tools – User guide

Online presence – User Guide

This eBook is a tool to help you to understand, organize, plan and use the social media to communicate with the people which are interested in your work as an artist or in the activities of the organization you take part. Remember the internet changes very fastly. Thus, part of the available information here needs… Continue reading Online presence – User Guide

Art Meet Up User guide

The ART MEET UP tool is a detailed checklist that facilitates an organiser (individual, group or ogranisation) to design, implement and make the best out of a cross-sectoral or/and cross-disciplinary meeting, introducing and bridging artists to professionals of other fields, either within the cultural sector or outside it. It goes through all steps of designing,… Continue reading Art Meet Up User guide

Storybook User Guide

Select one of the stories, and dive deeper into the challenges presented by clicking on the hyperlinked phrases. Some instructions concern the process of making, while others offer advice for dealing with situations during the performance of the work. The instructions are provided for individuals, but can also be done in a group.

Governance Piracy – User Guide

Download the Card Game Instructions (En) – PDF format 1 or 2 participants have to prepare the game beforehand : read the whole cards and notice; print and cut the cards; prepare a paperboard or a large sheet of paper to take notes. Respect the recommended timing !

GreenAction User guide

The questionnaire is the basic, quick and easy part. Once you’ve completed it, you may want to go deeper in the subject to find necessary info to reduce your CO2 emissions even more. Below a defined threshold of emission levels, at the end of the questions you will be given access to a label specifying… Continue reading GreenAction User guide

Tips & Tricks User Guide

What is it Tips and Tricks intends to be a clear and simple pathway into project planning for creators and managers of cultural organizations.  Goals Engage users in a reflective exercise prior to the implementation of cultural and artistic projects. Overcome wrong, far-fetched and/or unrealistic assumptions. Support creators and cultural managers to take the first… Continue reading Tips & Tricks User Guide