Art Meet Up User guide

The ART MEET UP tool is a detailed checklist that facilitates an organiser (individual, group or ogranisation) to design, implement and make the best out of a cross-sectoral or/and cross-disciplinary meeting, introducing and bridging artists to professionals of other fields, either within the cultural sector or outside it.

It goes through all steps of designing, running and following up a meet up event, from the first glimpse of the development of an idea to the sustainability of its profitable outcomes.

It is not meant to be a compulsory series of steps, but rather a handy and flexible guide or reference to assist you navigating through the process, checking some milestones and keypoints the INPACT partners have considered helpful in their experience, keeping what you might find useful, leaving out what doesn’t suit you and adding your personal or organisational touch.

A few specific references and links to other tools and methods that may be useful for some parts of the process, such as self-introducing and brainstorming activity ideas are included as well.